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Wilting pumpkin and squash vines

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Wilting pumpkin and squash vines

Post  itsablondething on 7/1/2011, 4:03 pm

Ok, I have been lovingly tending my SFG beds every morning, watering, looking for pests. I have have found only ONE cucumber beetle (today) which was murdered extremely quickly. My plants have been doing beautifully, I have baby pumpkings, baby butternut and buttercup squash.....

I came home earlier today than normal... about 3pm, and some of my leaves are wilty. I did some research, and it does look like some of these plants can normally have some droop on their leaves during the hottest part of the day even with adequate watering.

I will go out in a few hours again and check, since I watered again (the one plant that looked the worst, the ground around it was very dry despite watering this am).

I am paranoid because almost every year I lose my vining plants to something.... a wilt, or a squash vine borer. I can find no signs of a squash vine borer, not to mention, I have been burying my vines at intervals to promote extra root development in case those critters raise their ugly heads.

Anyway for me to tell NOW what the problem is,or just wait a few days and see if the plants die or not? I realize there is no cure for the wilt diseases, but this is very disheartening.



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Re: Wilting pumpkin and squash vines

Post  itsablondething on 7/10/2011, 7:24 am

Apparently this was just the mid-afternoon sun. I have never seen it before because I avoid going out in the mdiafternoon sun like the plague!

I have one very healthy and BIG pumpkin going in my 3 sisters planting, one very nice sized butternut squash looks like it will hit maturity, and at least 4 buttercups. Picked my first cucumber yesterday.


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