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Rotating Crops

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Rotating Crops

Post  DevinGoulding on 8/19/2011, 11:03 pm

I am in my first year of SFGing and have had three 5x3 beds this year. Next year I would like to add another 6x3 and really get the maximum amount of produce out of each square.

I have been searching for a good resource on how to plan out a Spring, Summer, and Fall/Winter crop for one square. Ex. - Broccoli, then Radishes, then Broccoli in one square.

Do people have links to resources or their own plan/ideas for this? I know I can't get three crops in EVERY square, but would like to get 2-3 in most.



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Re: Rotating Crops

Post  shannon1 on 8/20/2011, 5:22 am


What a great question. The answer I have for you is 3 fold. First about crop rotation. This is a way to minimize pests and desease in your plants by switching up the types of plants you pick to replant your squares, Here is a link http://planetgreen.discovery.com/home-garden/rotate-crops-in-your-vegetable-garden-for-healthier-plants.html

Next up, seccession planting we do this all the time in SFG. It just means to plant the square again after harvesting. Here is a link that gives some good advice about that http://growingideas.johnnyseeds.com/2008/06/succession-planting-guide.html A good thing to keep in mind is to start seeds in flats so you have seedlings to replant your squares when it is time. That is if it is a veg that you can transplant.

Last but not least, getting the most out of our small gardens. One way Mel has taught us is to grow up, by that I mean verticaly. By growing vineing crops like squash, melons, and tomatoes for example is to grow them on a trellis. You get a lot more bang for your buck that way. Another way is to do what's called intercroping. Some vegies grow much slower that others peppers for instance are slower than spring onions grown from sets. I plant spring onions around the edge of the pepper squares and by the time the pepper needs the space the onions have been harvested.

Sorry this is so long. I hope it is helpful.


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Re: Rotating Crops

Post  BackyardBirdGardner on 8/20/2011, 10:06 am

Welcome aboard, Devin.

I think the more you hang around, the more you will see the discussions change through the seasons. That has been my biggest teacher, personally. I have tried a couple of times to write transitional type topics, but they are difficult to pull off. They turn into seasonal threads.

The trick can be knowing/guessing when to pull plants and start others. But, your best bet is to use your quicker-to-harvest plants if you plan on getting three full harvests from each square. Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, etc, that take a bit longer can yield two seasons very easily, but it's hard to get three because of the time the main crop takes.

Check in regularly, these topics will pop up from time to time. I also hope you get some better answers from our veterans. Being your first year, don't rush things. My first year was a huge learning experience for me. My second year was much better. I'm not assuming you did poorly. I'm saying.....wait till next year! You will be amazed at how much knowledge you pick up from the forum and consequently apply.

Good to have you here. I hope you become a regular visitor/poster.


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Re: Rotating Crops

Post  Sponsored content Today at 8:22 am

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