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Start Compost the Easy Way

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Start Compost the Easy Way

Post  Squat_Johnson on 12/13/2011, 8:15 pm

Recently, I had a chance to start compost and I wanted to share how I did it, and see what everyone else does. I needed to clean up a bit of yard and garden. I ripped out all of the dead plants - cabbage, brocs, lettuce, etc. knocked the Mel's Mix off the roots, and I threw all the greens on a tarp and dragged it into a clear area.

I blew off all the fall leaves (browns) from the yard onto tarp, and then dragged this to said clear area, and fired up the old push mower. I added some roots and things that were on the old compost pile that needed chopping. It took a couple times to chop up cabbage stems and the like.

I chewed up the leaves and produce for a couple of rounds, and then mowed it so that most of it ended up back on the tarp. I swept up the rest with a rake, and then threw it all on the tarp first, and then dumped it onto the compost pile. I gave it a bit of water. On to the next project. This one just needs some time to age...

I am always into improving my technique, otherwise i would not be here. How do you do it?

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Re: Start Compost the Easy Way

Post  camprn on 12/13/2011, 8:35 pm

I just built mine over the course of a month. As the leaves were progressively falling I just mowed the lawn and the leaves all at the same time, with my power push mower. Mixing the green and brown in the mower bag and dumping it into the bin. I would layer in the grass clippings and the half composted kitchen and garden scraps that collected summer and give it a bit of water. I did this for about 3 weeks this fall. It worked out well in that over the course of time the stuff I threw in settled a bit and I could fit more in, My pile is 4x4x8, contained with pallets. Should be good early summer compost! Very Happy


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Re: Start Compost the Easy Way

Post  llama momma on 12/13/2011, 8:55 pm

Most of the time I pile vegetative stuff into my kids old red metal Flexible Flyer wagon and pull it over to the compost heap. Certainly does not hold as much as a wheelbarrow but it is easy on my back. It holds a fair amount of spent hay/straw for the longer trip back and forth to the barn. Also keep a very large rubbermaid container next to the compost heap filled with manure to keep adding to the pile. Do need to purchase another hose. The hundred foot length comes within 20 feet of the compost heap, just a little too far away. Still have to fill the watering can and walk it over. It's rediculous.
llama momma

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Re: Start Compost the Easy Way

Post  BackyardBirdGardner on 12/13/2011, 9:43 pm

Exactly my method, Squat. But, I toss in about 25 clients' leaf piles, too. I mulch all my beds, walks, and the rest goes to compost. Time to age, and I'll have black gold all over the place.....and no weeds in my beds.

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Re: Start Compost the Easy Way

Post  Mamachibi on 12/14/2011, 5:34 pm

Once the kids get the leaves all into the compost area, (ahem, get to work, kiddies!) I clean up the garden for "greens." As I cook each day, I put food trimmings in a bowl on the sink. After dinner, I run the trimmings in the blender with water. All this gets dumped on the pile, which is, handily, directly downstairs from the kitchen window (too easy.) I turn it about twice a week on my way to work, but never have to water it because my "greens" now go in pre-wet.

There's something to be said for laziness.

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Re: Start Compost the Easy Way

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