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End of the month review

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End of the month review

Post  choksaw on 3/31/2010, 6:46 pm

This thread is for an end of the month wrap up or review
1. How things are going in your garden
2. Projects not finished
3. Success/Failure
4. Ideas & improvments

Ill be postin up an end of the month review and a beggining of the month projection topic every month so we can all share in this awesome experience together and help each other where ever we can.

Sofar everything in my garden is going well i have my box's made my cutome netted rooftop is up (too keep whirly birds out) my drip irrigation system is installed and working (still needs tweaking) and im proud to announce that i have life in my garden corn radish's zucchini summer sqaush sugar snap peas pole beans cilantro dill carrots and marigolds have all sprouted and are doing awesome today while installing the drip system i notice that my sugar baby watermellons are starting to break through.

Hows everyone else doing??

i cheated today and bought a transplant but it looks to be an awesome and unusual tomatoe and its an heirloom so ill be saveing seeds and thin children will get a kick out of what the tomatoe is gonna look like

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Post  dixie on 3/31/2010, 7:01 pm

I've got 4 boxes built & filled: three 4 x 12's, one long 2' long box for asparagus.
Asparagus planted.
12 squares of Roma bush beans planted
Sugar snap peas planted
Bok choy, red acre, & another cabbage seedlings planted
Romaine and leaf lettuce transplanted into boxes, more seeds sown.
Bundle of Sweet Georgia onion plants planted.
Tomato seedlings repotted.
Peppers ready to repot
Cuke, zucchini & yellow squash almost big enough to transplant.
Cilantro ready to transplant
Lots of other seedlings just waiting on warmer weather.

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Re: End of the month review

Post  Kathiee1 on 3/31/2010, 7:06 pm

Hi All, I'm brand new to the forum...but have been using raised beds for several years in North Florida - just across the creek south of Jacksonville. Originally from NY where I've had many great row gardens - so learning new things all the time.

First mistake - I made my raised beds way too big....SO i"m starting over with Mel's new book - one at a time. I have a couple of 8 x 2's along the fence I'm digging out all the soil and putting in Mel's Mix....I found a large 4 cu ft bag of vermiculite, hen manure and bat Guana at a local nursery in JAX and cow manure and mushroom stuff at Lowes, along with Peal moss. I'll start mixing this weekend and hope to get the first SFG box planted over the weekend. Then I'll start on the next one. Some of the big beds were planted before I read the book.

The orchids do wonderfully well around the pool, but the garden always seems to be hot and dry most of the summer. The rain barrel overflows with the storms, and seems to dry up in between, or else drip out so slowly it does little good. i guess water is my biggest problem. Although last year i had an infestation of tomato hornworms that took out most of the tomatoes.

Anyway a new year, a new start.



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Re: End of the month review

Post  choksaw on 3/31/2010, 10:38 pm

Hi kathie and welcome to the forums look forward to hear about some of your past success with rasied bed gardening there is alot ok knowledge about SFG here and alot of creative thinking people feel free to ask any and all questions, post pictures etc. (we love pictures)

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Re: End of the month review

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