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PNW A Few Average Last Frost Dates

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PNW A Few Average Last Frost Dates

Post  Furbalsmom on 1/5/2012, 1:07 pm

Pacific North West Region includes USDA Hardiness zones 7 – 9

The Pacific Northwest begins north in Vancouver and Victoria B.C. and runs south through western Washington and Oregon with the Pacific Ocean as the western boundary and the Cascade Mountain Range as the eastern boundary. The area stretches into northern California following the coast range south to Ukiah (stolen from Boffer’s sticky describing the region.)

Well here we are, early January and depending on your last spring frost date, you may be ready to start your indoor planting. Here are a few average (50%) last frost dates I found for various parts of our region. Please do not take these as gospel, they are just examples and you should check your own specific location.

A few Washington locations
Yelm, WA 4/21
Vancouver 4/20
Whidbey Island 4/12
Everett 4/14
Bremerton 4/4
Port Townsend 3/10
A few Oregon locations
Hillsboro 4/11
Saint Helens 4/17
Beaverton 5/10
Portland 4/20
Bandon 4/2
A couple of Northern California locations still considered PNW
Crescent City 3/1
Eureka 1/22
Ukiah 3/18

I am torn, based on a couple of sites; my average last frost date is March 1. Others give me an average last frost date based on nearby towns. Some list North Bend, OR (15 miles South) as 4/11 and Reedsport, OR (11 miles North) as 5/10. I do know that regardless of the average last frost date, my soil does not warm to 60 degrees until mid May or June. This means that I may delay starting some of my seeds

I am still working on my indoor seed planting schedule and will have a post regarding that in a day or two.


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Re: PNW A Few Average Last Frost Dates

Post  gwennifer on 1/5/2012, 1:17 pm

Thanks FM. I've been looking at this as well and plugged a few dates into the seed starting calculater Dixie posted. Looks like for the crops I'm interested in, it should be easy for me to remember that I need to start seedlings around my birthday (early March). I wish I had enough squares to stagger plantings of the same crop so I can end up with some planted at just the right time! But I'll have to make do.

You know, the engineer in me really liked putting the box together, making my Mel's Mix, placing my grid, and calculating out plants per square depending on seed spacing. That same part of me really objects to the whimsy of Mother Nature! I just want to know exactly when to plant!


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Re: PNW A Few Average Last Frost Dates

Post  boffer on 1/5/2012, 1:47 pm

And don't forget that micro climates abound to further confuse the issue! Some of our more experienced gardeners have identified several different micro climates on their own property, depending on sun, wind, and proximity to buildings and concrete.

For the small plants that get planted in multiples in a square, you can plant a ½ square at a time to help stagger.

My theory is to plant cool crops as early as I feel like it. If they fail, I still have time to replant. Rarely do they fail; if it gets too cold for a while they just sit there until it warms ups again.


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Zone: Irrelevant


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